What is Lokapala?

Lokapala: Saga of the Six Realms is a 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game focusing on skill and team strategy.

The story of Lokapala takes place in the end of the world, when the realms of the thirst, the molded, and the formless are merged into one. The realms are going under the oblivion, waiting for the fate no one can form or escape. The higher dominions of power are now awakened, but only one of them will be able to determine the fate of the realms in this endless fight of powers.


Rakshasa is the strongest mythological creature in the game that needs more effort to defeat it. By defeating Rakshasa, you will not only receiving abundant bounty, you also receive its blessing and making you into Raksatriya.

Svaka Vahana

Vahana helps the player to travel faster within the map or to quickly retreat to their base, making the pace of each match faster.

Sesha Vahana



Ancient is the source of strength that has to be protected. It is located on the base Svaka and protected by smaller structure called Tower.

How to activate

The game ends when one of the Ancients is destroyed before the 25 minutes mark. If none of them were destroyed before the 25 minute mark, both of the Ancients will be awakened (Awaken Ancient), absorbing HP of the remaining Towers, and will attack each other until one of them is destroyed. The team with the surviving Ancient will become the victor.


Lingam is an artifact structure that give certain blessings called passive and active Shakti to strengthen your Ksatriya and your allies in battle.


Yantra is a feature that can be used by the player to adjust their Ksatriya's status power, by putting Ratna that has various effects based on its color.