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Lokapala New Updates Starts SEA and New Ksatriya Amurva

After more than three years of existence in the world of esports gaming, Lokapala, Indonesia's first MOBA game, has launched its latest update. This update is no small feat, as it allows players from Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Brunei Darussalam to come together and play.

Aligned with Lokapala's plan to expand internationally, this update finally opens the doors for players from outside Indonesia to join the Lokapala gaming experience. As previously announced by CEO of Anantarupa Studios, Ivan Chen, Lokapala aims to spread its wings to Southeast Asian countries in 2023.

The plan starts with the release of this latest update, version 1.4, where Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar players can now join forces with Lokapala players from Indonesia. As for Brunei Darussalam, they can exclusively play Lokapala in iOS. Soon, players from Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines will follow suit as Lokapala releases in each of those countries.

New Ksatriya: Amurva

In addition to opening doors for Southeast Asian countries, version 1.4 update also introduces a new Ksatriya skin named Amurva. Amurva is a fresh Ksatriya character inspired by the historical story of the founding of the Rajasa Dynasty. This Ksatriya is the embodiment of Ken Angrok, the historical figure known as the founder of the Rajasa Dynasty and the Singasari Kingdom.

Amurva's tale draws inspiration from the story of Ken Angrok, who, historically, was the founder of the Rajasa Dynasty. It begins with the division of Java into two kingdoms, Kadiri and Pangjalu. Kertajaya ruled as a tyrant in Pangjalu and demanded that all panditas worship him as Sang Hyang Batara Guru (Siwa). However, the panditas collectively refused, leading Kertajaya to unleash his wrath and slaughter them. The surviving panditas sought refuge in the eastern direction of Gunung Kawi.

Meanwhile, in Pakuwon Tumapel, east of Gunung Kawi, Ken Angrok had just replaced Tunggul Ametung. He was known as a skilled warrior, believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu on Earth and the hope of the surviving panditas. Ken Angrok aided the panditas and pledged to overthrow Kertajaya. He led an assault on the Ganter region, where he defeated Kertajaya and his brother Mahisa Walungan. From that point on, Ken Angrok was officially known as "Pakubumi" of Java, signifying his royal abhisheka, titled Sang Amurvabhumi.

This story serves as the background for Amurva's creation. Despite rescuing the panditas and defeating Kertajaya, Amurva has his own mission to achieve his ambitions. His approach is the only way to restore peace, security, and prosperity to the region. Failure is not an option for Amurva. The new skin will replace the existing Barda skin.

Gameplay Balancing

Version 1.4 update also includes several gameplay changes, with some Ksatriyas receiving buffs and one Ksatriya receiving a nerf. Ksatriyas Neera, Nada, Myluta, Ilya, Lando, Rajapatni, T’Pala. Saira, Sabara, Jinno, Skar, Binara, and Nisha each receive different buffs, ranging from skill enhancements, stat adjustments, to their effects.

On the other hand, Ma’esh is the only Ksatriya to receive a nerf, reducing the duration of healing per tick from 0.6 seconds to 1 second.

Not only the Ksatriyas, but minions, vahanas, raksatriyas, and jungle monsters like Raksasa and Yaksha also undergo changes, making Lokapala gameplay more balanced and captivating. The update also includes adjustments to in-game items, all aimed at refreshing the Lokapala experience, particularly after the character visual revamp last month.

With the opening of servers for several Southeast Asian countries, players now have time to prepare for upcoming esports events hosted by Lokapala, such as Ksatriya Mahardhika, Piala Presiden 2023, and the Pro Series in the Southeast Asian region, all set to kick off soon.

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