May 24, 2024



Lokapala, Southeast Asia's first MOBA game developed by Indonesia, has released a new trailer featuring their latest Ksatriya. This time, the showcased Ksatriya is "Sena," one of the central characters in Lokapala. The video trailer is titled "Menaki: Defying Destiny." "Menaki," derived from Sanskrit, is the main theme of this trailer. The video features Sena from Lokapala and Karna, a character from the epic Mahabharata.

Karna and Sena, though different individuals, have intertwined destinies. Besides their nearly similar stories, both share a strong determination for their futures. Karna in the Mahabharata is depicted as a persistent and resilient person. Despite not being of Ksatriya descent, his perseverance proves that Karna is also worthy of being a Ksatriya. Sena, like Karna, was initially not skilled in archery. However, to get closer to her younger brother, Sena trained tirelessly, hoping her brother would recognize her. Both Karna and Sena know their destinies are predetermined, but they believe they can strive to change their fates.

Sena is the 'Murti' or reincarnation of Karna. This is why Sena is under the protection of Sang Dikara in the Southwest, as she shares the same values of integrity and discipline as Karna. Although raised in a humble family, Sena's adoptive father taught her many life lessons, helping her grow into a strong woman. She also achieved her strength through her own hard work, making Sena someone who transcends her destiny. However, this does not mean Sena can change her predetermined fate: to defeat her own siblings.

The trailer has been released on various Lokapala social media platforms and can be watched on YouTube at

This Character Trailer video is the result of the hard work of the Lokapala development team, Caravan Studio, and Enspire. The trailer also features the voice of Gema Gathika and music composed by Elwin Hendrijanto. The release of this Sena character trailer once again showcases Anantarupa Studios' commitment to developing their Intellectual Property (IP) through Lokapala. The rich content within the Lokapala IP also allows for story development on platforms other than the game. (*)

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