Sacred Tigress of Divine

role's Binara
Very Easy


The massacre continued in the High Grounds, as Ma'esh was not going to stop until he had conquered the Divine. The High Divine faithfully entrusted the claws of the Mighty Tigress, Binara, the only hope they had got to defeat Ma'esh, but apparently Binara's only power was not enough. The Divine came up with another plan and Binara was assigned to be the guardian of this plan, in order to win the war they were losing. It was Binara's duty to make sure the child to be ready in time to be the shed of light in the darkest time, yet also having the burden to be back on time, while the High Divine stalled them some time. Kanya was the plan, a maiden who possessed all the power of the Great Divine. However, she was too inexperienced, her puny appearance was not a match for the great power that she should rein. Thus, whenever Kanya lost control, Binara came to the rescue. But as the tigress' true form often scared the little girl, Binara changed herself into a tabby orange cat with tiger stripes, and Kanya was immediately fond of her. Together, they went on a journey to cease the chaos and learn to control Kanya's power, until Kanya was ready to join the war only she should win.

Sahasya Binara
Lampha Vikasta
Nyaya Claws

Sahasya Binara

Every kill or assist, Binara gets Attack Damage and can be stacked.


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