Bodiless Immortal

role's H'rtal
Very Easy


The Preserver promised to give Amrta, the water of eternal life, to the Divine and the Primeval if they accomplished to stir Manthana ocean. They managed to do the task but the Divine were sly and wanted the Amrta just for themselves. Knowing that his kind were treated unjustly, Swarbhanu disguised himself as one of them to get Amrta. However, his cover was blown; as he was sipping Amrta, The Preserver beheaded him. However, as Amrta had gone through to his body, both of his head and body continued to stay alive, separately. H'rtal, the head, then was after the Divine who blew the whistle to The Preserver.

Death Mark
Tainted Bite
Moon Gulping
Endless Devouring

Death Mark

Adds Corruption Effect to the target affected by the skill. Target that still has this effect will explode when he's dead, producing Magical Damage surrounding enemies.


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