Rani Of Wilwatikta

role's Tarja
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Tarja was the eldest, the rightful heir of Wilwatikta. The blood of the true leadership flowed in her, and this was a threat for her own half-brother, Kala. Even as the current king, he ordered Tarja and Wiya, the youngest of the three, and Rajapatni, the Queen mother, to stay in the Kaputren of the palace, restraining them from the court and public affairs. He thought by locking them away, Kala would secure his position of the throne. However, Wilwatikta was her home and her people were her family: Tarja knew how to guide the kingdom better. She knew that she was the true blood of Rajasa dynasty, the rightful successor of Singha. A cage wouldn't be able to hold her back. With the help of a childhood friend Jinno, Tarja succeeded to overthrow the throne from the delinquent Kala and became the Queen she meant to be. Tarja restored the greatness of the kingdom that her Father, Vijaya, tried to keep and manifested the dream of her grandfather, Shri Krtanegara, to unite the nations and strengthen each other.

Svabava Laksana
Chandra Ajna
Pranya Pratima

Svabava Laksana


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