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Frequently Asked Questions!

Where can I see information on events and tournaments?

For information on Events and Tournaments, you can see on Instagram: @Lokapala_moba / Discord: Lokapala: Saga of the Six Realms

To be part of the Lokapala community you must join Discord: Lokapala: Saga of the Six Realms

You can contact the publisher/developer on discord with the title [PUB]/[DEV] with a personal chat and be directed to the steps.

Finding a match can take a while during off-peak hours because there aren't as many players in the lobby. As our playerbase grows, it will become easier for everyone to find matches. So tell your friends about Lokapala!

When you can't bind to Facebook, try logging in using Facebook in Chrome. Open Chrome and continue to type Facebook, log in to Chrome, and make the Facebook application delete it first.

Yes. You can unbind your account by binding it to a new email/Facebook account.

You can do reports in-game or via Discord. For reporting via Discord please report with a complete format such as:

  • Device, Room id/user id if the case is specific
  • The chronology of events is as precise as possible
  • Don't just use short sentences: visuals are not smooth
  • What settings do you use in lokapala
  • Explanation as clearly as possible, that's okay if the length of the matter is long sentences as long as it is clear

If you'd like to write about Lokapala, we've got a Press Kit full of videos, facts and images. Visit the Press Kit here