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Introducing New Ksatriya, Fahandro from Nias

Latest Update from Lokapala: Introducing New Ksatriya, Fahandro from Nias Culture and Redesigned Character Appearance

Lokapala, as the first Indonesian-made Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, is built upon the background of authentic Indonesian archipelago history and research. This continues in Lokapala's latest game update, which introduces a new ksatriya based on the Nias tribal culture.

Ksatriya refers to the playable characters within the Lokapala game. Previously, there were a total of 32 ksatriyas available in the game. Therefore, this new addition will be the 33rd character to enliven the Lokapala MOBA. The new ksatriya is named Fahandro.

In this latest update, Anantarupa Studios, the company behind the game, goes beyond introducing a new character. They also undergo significant visual revamps, providing a fresh and contemporary look to the existing ksatriyas.

Fahandro from Nias

Inspired by Nias culture, Fahandro is a Marksman-type ksatriya suitable for players who enjoy long-range attacks. Fahandro's backstory originates from one of the Hoho (poetic literature containing myths, history, and traditional laws) of Nias. The Nias tribe possesses unique aspects in terms of history, mythology, and culture. Nias, an island mostly inhabited by the indigenous Nias people (Ono Niha), carries cultural heritage dating back to the megalithic era, estimated between 12,000 and 30,000 years ago.

Throughout this civilization, traditional practices like stone jumping (fahombo/lombo batu) emerged. This ritual is believed to be performed by all Nias males. Successfully leaping over a two-meter-high stone signifies readiness and responsibility to lead a group and engage in combat as an adult male. The stone jumping ritual is incorporated into Lokapala, both in animated displays and Fahandro's second skill named Fahomo Salito, where he leaps and deals damage to opponents.

Lokapala ksatriyas are known for embodying strong regional identities. In terms of appearance, Fahandro wears attributes that showcase the distinctive features of the Nias tribe, including traditional Nias attire and two traditional Nias weapons named Tologu and Blunderbuss. Tologu is a sword carved with Niohosana, the war god in Nias ancient beliefs. The sword's scabbard is adorned with crocodile or wild boar fangs, and some even feature fossilized shark teeth. The scabbard is made from two wooden blades, reinforced with iron or brass plates. It also contains a rattan ball called rago, believed to channel magical power and protection to the sword's owner. Blunderbuss, on the other hand, is an ancient firearm widely used by Nias warriors in the 19th century. It is a large-caliber firearm resembling a flared pipe.

Fahandro's World (Lore)

The inspiration behind Fahandro's background story comes from the Hoho about Ono Mbela, a group of fair-skinned and beautiful people living in trees, as well as the tale of Nadaoya, a group of people with large heads residing in caves.

The folklore of the Nias tribe enriches the backstory of the 33rd ksatriya. For example, Famato Harimao, a ritual performed once every seven years to ward off disasters. After being paraded, a tiger statue is broken and discarded into the Zumali River in the village of Onohondro. Other Hoho stories, such as the first human descending on Nias, also contribute to Fahandro's characterization.

To incorporate these folktales into Lokapala, the research team at Anantarupa Studios conducted extensive studies for months. These studies serve as the foundation for shaping the character's story, skills, gameplay mechanics, and visual appearance.

Fahandro becomes the second Lokapala ksatriya to utilize firearms after Nio. In addition to the Fahomo Salito skill mentioned earlier, Fahandro possesses another skill called mobility, allowing him to leap over walls and shorten the routes he needs to take. Furthermore, Fahandro is the only ksatriya capable of affecting the entire arena through his skill. Fahandro's appeal is further enhanced by featuring voice acting in the Nias tribal language, such as Lö öfatunö zindruhu... (You don't tell the truth).

Redesigned Existing Character Appearance

In this update, not only is a new ksatriya introduced, but the appearance of all existing ksatriyas in the Lokapala game is also revamped. Additionally, the skins for each ksatriya will receive periodic updates. Consequently, this fresh look aims to provide an equally engaging playing experience for both existing and new players.

The update also includes several enhancements, such as optimizing the initial game download time, significantly reducing data consumption.

Furthermore, this update introduces special events, particularly related to the new ksatriya Fahandro. One of these events is the Famato Harimao event mentioned earlier, which operates on a point system. Event Points are earned by playing Lokapala, both in Classic and Ranked modes. This event will run from June 21, 2023, to July 4, 2023.

With this update, Anantarupa Studios further solidifies their plans to develop the Lokapala IP in Indonesia. They aim to open servers in Southeast Asian countries, marking their ambition to establish Indonesia's name on the world stage through Lokapala.

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